10 Tips For Moving with Pets

Making a big cross-country move isn’t only stressful for you, but also for your pets. Consider these tips before moving your animal.

1. Contact your vet

  • Before you head out of town, contact your vet to take records and prescription medications with you. This is also a perfect opportunity to see if your vet has any recommendations for vets in the area in which you are moving.

2. Keep them in a quiet and secure area

  • Take your pet away from the action as this can cause them a lot of stress and you most likely know what happens when they get stressed. Consider cleaning out a bedroom upstairs first and putting them in there or if they love their kennel, put them in the kennel in the garage (assuming the temperatures are accommodating).

3. Set up as much as you can in your new house

  • Before you bring your animal into your new house, set up as much as you can (especially if it is the same furniture. If they recognize the smells, they will feel more “at home” and be less likely to tear the place apart.

4. Give them a lot of attention

  • This is not an easy process for them. Make sure to not neglect them in your crazy move. Also, giving them their toys they had before will help them feel more comfortable.

5.  Update their info

  • Once you have purchased your new home, update their tags and microchips with the new address and phone number.

6. Find pet-friendly hotels

  • If you are doing a long distance move, look for pet friendly hotels along the route so they don’t have to sleep away from you. You can go here to find pet-friendly hotels- http://www.pet-friendly-hotels.net/

7. Transport them in a well-ventilated pet carrier

  • Although they may love their secluded kennel, you don’t want a hot dog vomiting on the car trip. Make sure the kennel has good ventilation, you will be glad you did!

8. Keep the dog on a leash

  • Even if you have a very obedient dog, keep them on a leash when you are letting them out for potty breaks and when they are first getting accustomed to the new neighborhood. Stress can make dogs run away in unfamiliar surroundings so keep a close watch on them!

9. Stop for potty breaks and fresh water

  • This may seem like an obvious one, but when you stop to use the restroom or fill up the tank, make sure to let your animal out as well!

10. Find a good place to keep them if you go on vacation

  • Most likely it won’t be a one and done trip. Whether you need to make multiple trips to and from your old house or are planning a vacation in the next year, it is good to know a safe, friendly place to have your pets stay while you are away. In Sun Valley and the surrounding areas, we have many places to board your animals. The Sun Valley Animal Center has a pet lodge and a new pet ranch (as well as a Doggie Daycare). They will be sure to keep your animal active and bathed while you are away in a luxurious cage-free home.
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